A Positive Call Centre Culture: The Secret to Success!

The number one way to keep your customers happy is by keeping your employees happy – it’s just that simple. Fulfilled and engaged employees create satisfied customers, who in turn become the best free advertising for your business!

Here are the TOP 5 FACTORS essential in creating a positive and productive call centre environment:

  1. First Class Management

It is crucial to hire Managers who lead by example. Ones who view their role as an ‘overseer’, ‘disciplinarian’ or ‘enforcer’ will quickly create an environment of apathy and frustration amongst agents and result in significantly higher staff turnover. Management staff who dedicate themselves to driving their team and infusing energy amongst their agents by listening, engaging, coaching and providing performance feedback, will achieve success. One-on-one time with agents is extremely valuable as it not only allows for important staff feedback but ultimately creates a sense of belonging for employees. Finding out how individual agents would like to progress within the company demonstrates that there’s room for growth, and also that Managers are actively considering how their role can evolve, should they remain a part of the team. Employees appreciate being recognized for their hard work so continuously setting targets and offering fresh incentives are great motivators.

  1. A Productive Workspace

A clean, welcoming and efficient work environment makes for a productive one! Ensuring all equipment is of quality and regularly maintained makes it easier for agents to work. Communal spaces for breaks should also not be ignored. Streamlining agent workflows and tailoring processes goes a long way in optimizing an agent’s productivity. Managers should always strive to identify inefficiencies that can be rectified. Agents should be encouraged to embrace the latest in automated technologies in order to free themselves up for greater productivity. A career as a call centre agent is a stressful one, so being proactive about promoting wellness among your workforce is a vital key in retaining top agents.

  1. Training

Regular investments in training is essential for a call centre business to stay on top of the game. Training should be continuous and spontaneous, offering relevant advice and education in real-world scenarios. The key to having a good training programme should be centred on how specific tasks are done, to be discussed within training rooms, followed by practical ‘on-the-job’ application – so that both learning and applying practical training happen simultaneously. Also, performance feedback and peer evaluations are essential to an agent’s development. But, more importantly, feedback tells agents that their efforts to do well in their tasks are both noticed and appreciated.

  1. The Latest Technology

One way to increase employee motivation is by ensuring they have the best tools available to perform their jobs. If agents have to hunt through multiple disconnected databases, or bounce back and forth between too many screens on their desktop, they’re never going to be able to provide a good customer experience. New tech solutions are the key to keeping your call centre running like a well-oiled machine. Yes, cloud-based solutions can eat into operating expenses, but lost customers will definitely eat into profits! A front-running contact centre should be continuously investigating the latest in AI and predictive intelligence tools that enable agents to better understand customer needs, solve more complex enquiries, and deliver a more personalised experience. Plus, the right technology will not only improve customer service delivery, but also boost employee retention.

  1. Personalization

A Call Centre is, after all, a business of people – with agents being the faces on the frontline. Never forget the human element by keeping lines of communication open. Offering fresh incentives for targets reached or updating reward schemes in the workplace goes a long way when exceptional work is expected. Keeping agents motivated and striving for professional excellence is the key to a great work environment and creates a place where productivity and positivity spread like wild fire.

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