The BPO Industry In South Africa


South Africa has witnessed high growth in the business process services (BPS) industry over the  past four years, growing by 22% annually which is twice the global growth rate of the industry and three times faster than India and the Philippines

Many global and regional companies have set up or expanded their operations in South Africa; these companies represent a variety of industry verticals, such as technology and communications, financial services, legal and healthcare.


Top companies providing Services delivery from South Africa

Why Outsource to South Africa?

First world infrastructure and enabling environment

  • High quality of life with superior business and operating environment infrastructure
  • A wide variety of government support in areas of skill development and infrastructure incentives for increasing investment in the BPO sector
  • Global contact center standards ISO 18295 are based on South African standards (the global standard development was led by South Africa)

Evolving capabilities for next-gen services for digital contact centre

  • South Africa is pivoting towards delivery of next-generation of contact center and digital services
  • In the core strength of contact center, companies have successfully demonstrated capabilities for high quality multi channel customer experience, supplemented by deep customer analytics
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Strong foundation in contact centre and niche areas of work

  • Apart from contact centre, which has been one of the scope of international delivery has expanded into non-traditional areas of work, such as financial services, legal process services, and healthcare

Good quality, English-speaking talent

  • Availability of highly skilled, English-speaking talent pool with neutral accent and very high empathy levels
  • Additional talent pool through impact sourcing
  • Cultural affinity with UK, Australia, and, increasingly, the US
  • Recognized domain knowledge in the banking and financial services sector
  • Availability of talent across multiple global delivery location options across the country

Significant costs savings

  • Cost of operations are at least 50-60% lower than those in England and Australia for both voice and non-voice work
  • Incentives further reduce the costs to bring them in range of costs in the Philippines and India

Industry-specific niche functions delivered from South Africa

Legal process services

There are multiple instances of Forbes 2000 law firms offshoring work to South Africa,
particularly Cape Town

On average, the country produces more than 4,000 legal graduates in a year which
supplement the talent pool of ~25,000 practicing lawyers

Typically, South Africa is a preferred destination for providing complex, bespoke legal
services, particularly for financial services clients. The work ranges from contract drafting
and management to document review. Many leading, specialist law firms, such as Radiant
Law, Exigent Law, and Cognia Law are present here


Banking, financial services and insurance

South Africa has been known as a financial services destination, especially Johannesburg,
which has attracted large banks such as Barclays, First National Bank, BNP Paribas, JP
Morgan, Citibank and Mercantile Bank. However, other locations, such as Cape Town and
Durban also have a significant presence of financial services institutions

High availability of quality talent (including CAs, CFAs and actuaries) has been the key
driver of success, and global banks are leveraging South Africa for delivery of complex
work in the fields of asset management, life insurance, and fund accounting processes to the UK, Australia and now, the US.

Healthcare & Medical

The healthcare industry provides a huge growth potential for international BPO delivery.
There are already multiple private and public sector healthcare providers in the market,
indicating that there is a ready source of talent for hiring purposes. There are more than
250,000 registered doctors, nurses, paramedics, students, etc. in this industry

Large companies such as Discovery Health provide care management, insurance, and
a variety of clinical services from key cities in South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town,
Durban and Port Elizabeth)

Healthcare companies are also using South Africa as an innovation hub e.g., Discovery
Health employs a team of 35 data scientists for big data analytics, platform development,
and business intelligence to improve the end-customer experience


IT infrastructure & application development

In the information technology space, South Africa has played an important role in the
sphere of technical helpdesk and service desk due to its superior voice skills. Additionally,
South Africa generates a large number of IT graduates who have the relevant technical
skills, thus reducing the burden of significant training costs on the part of companies

Many European and UK-headquartered companies, such as Computacenter and IT Lab
have their centres here which are providing back-end infrastructure services (e.g.,
second/third line service desk, datacenter and hardware support services)

Additionally, there is a fast-growing cluster of companies which is providing IT-focused
solutions to various industry verticals in the form of website architecture and development,
and application and platform development


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