How to Build a Winning Team!

Walk onto the floor of a thriving and dynamic call centre and you will immediately feel the intense rhythm and energy of a team in action. To the unknown eye it may appear that operating agents are completely isolated and uninvolved in the activities of those around them, but the opposite is true. Star employees who set records and top the charts can only harness their true potential when their strengths are combined with the abilities of a supportive and collaborative team.

In the ever-changing world of contact centres, the importance of teamwork remains constant. It’s critical to foster a team spirit amongst agents, team leaders and campaign managers. They are, after all, the driving force behind a brand’s success. The key to doing this is to recognize everyone’s individual potential while establishing common goals and practices. Rather than managing a group of employees, turn them into a winning team – one that is focused, engaged and collaborative. It’s a simple idea with big impact – and here’s how to do it:


Build a Sense of Purpose

Longer-term goals will bind co-workers and unite them around a shared cause. So set them! This may mean focusing on campaign-based goals, rather than daily or weekly metrics. This will not only motivate but energise your team too.

Communication is Key

Employees will only support one another if they have a way to do so. A chat feature or knowledge-based platform specifically for co-workers provides the space to ask and answer questions and help each other through tough calls and gain clarity on new projects.


Encourage Healthy Competition

While cut-throat competition may seem effective, it does tend to backfire in the long run. Instead, engage teams with gamification based on metrics such as average handle time, customer reviews and first call resolution.


Recognize Individual Successes 

Build up team goals and strengthen team dynamics by encouraging employees to support one another, but also acknowledge individual top performers to keep everyone on their toes.


Create Empowered Agents

Teams only function when everyone participates! Employees who feel that their ideas or individual needs don’t matter lose their motivation. Allow for feedback in individual and team meetings, and encourage feedback during busy periods. Trust and respect go a long way when it comes to building a team.


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