iContact Expands to the Mother City

Local BPO industry leader, iContact, is thrilled to announce the successful launch of their brand new call centre in Cape Town. The natural expansion of their existing 1000-seater call centre in Johannesburg has come in the form of a 200-seater in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD. “We were on the lookout for a CT-based call centre to extend our reach and grow the business,” explains MD of iContact, Clinton Cohen. “It’s the perfect acquisition that not only promises new development and a boost in international procurement, but also offers our clientele a strategic choice in their operations base.”

The large-scale, owner-run business offers highly tailored BPO services to businesses around the world, boasting a range of successful international campaigns, with more in the pipeline. “Outsourcing to South Africa has never been easier or more attractive to the overseas market,” says Cohen. Apart from the obvious advantages – a skilled and educated pool of local English speaking agents, the central time zone strategically positioned to service European markets and provide 24/7 support to the USA, Canada & Australia – there is also a significant cost-saving of at least 60% that simply cannot be overlooked.

The new CT venture is backed by world class infrastructure, bespoke software systems and the latest in technology, setting it to continue in the bold spirit of iContact’s existing offering: A personalized service to meet the precise needs of any business, while keeping the client and their customers at the heart of every campaign.  To find the perfect solution to suit your business contact: info@icontactbpo.co.za

Why Choose iContact

It’s no wonder Business Process Outsourcing is a growing business trend. By employing a BPO service provider to take care of non-core business processes, an organisation is able to focus on their core competencies and goals.

iContact is a specialised BPO operation based in South Africa that can offer highly tailored services to businesses anywhere in the world.

We are a large-scale, owner-run operation that can provide specialised agents with specific skill sets. We train and coach our agents to meet your stringent requirements. Our service offering is backed by our bespoke software system and the latest technology.

iContact provides customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, analytics, and a range of other BPO/S services.

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