Advanced Analytics has the power to transform a traditional contact centre into a forward-thinking, insight-driven business.

We streamline, target and maximise on your customer’s exact preferences. By carefully selecting the correct combination of business
intelligence we are able to truly understand the customer, resolve brand challenges and meet targets.

Our finely-tuned and focused solutions ensure you get the value your business deserves.

Back-Office Fulfilment

Considered the engine room of any business, a high-quality back office is a major contributor to its success. If vital functions at the core of any business are mismanaged, a chaotic domino effect can jeopardize essential transactions and impact the bottom line. At iContact, Back-Office fulfilment is something we take very seriously. From data capturing and management, billing and invoicing, information indexing and archiving, application processing, logistics, HR and IT – we ensure a superior multi-faceted streamlined solution to suit you.

Our industry-specific experts will customize an effective back office to meet the needs of your business, while always ensuring compliance with industry-followed quality and security standards. Back-office fulfilment provides any business owner with the greatest opportunity to reap the rewards, and once suitably set up, will not only reduce operational costs and enhance efficiency but also deliver a higher quality product or service and an excellent overall customer experience. iContact is equipped to take care of all the details so you can focus on your core business activities, revenue generation and an improved bottom line!


Our large scale South African Call centre offers highly-tailored services.
With world-class infrastructure and a talented pool of superior agents.
We offer expertise across multiple industries at a significantly reduced cost.

Other BPO services

Inbound & Outbound Customer Service
Customer Retention & Loyalty Management
Cross Selling & Up Selling
Win-Back Programmes and Surveys
List Building and Lead Generation

Why Choose iContact

It’s no wonder Business Process Outsourcing is a growing business trend. By employing a BPO service provider to take care of non-core business processes, an organisation is able to focus on their core competencies and goals.

iContact is a specialised BPO operation based in South Africa that can offer highly tailored services to businesses anywhere in the world.

We are a large-scale, owner-run operation that can provide specialised agents with specific skill sets. We train and coach our agents to meet your stringent requirements. Our service offering is backed by our bespoke software system and the latest technology.

iContact provides customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, analytics, and a range of other BPO/S services.