The Art of Successful Hiring

Unfortunately, high staff turnover is the traditionally accepted norm in the Call Centre space. Today’s HR and Recruitment Departments have had to change their approach when it comes to managing high volume recruitment. Plus, because the role of the agent has become more complex (both in the queries they’re dealing with and the tech they’re using), it’s important to evolve the recruitment process too. Values-led recruitment is the way forward and it’s enabling contact centres to hire right!

Attracting the Right Agents

The truth is that call centres can’t afford to hire the wrong people. With customer expectations at an all-time high, the agent has evolved into a more complex role. As frontline brand representatives, agents take on a big responsibility, plus, there’s simply no room for incompetence in customer service. These factors have led recruiters to focus and hire on the basis of values and behaviours rather than on skills and experience.

Recruiters are looking for candidates with an appetite to use new technology, the ability to empathise with a customer, listening and understanding skills. These factors are all more relevant than previous experience. Interview questions with potential candidates are also a lot more industry and campaign specific in order to hone in on specific characteristics suited to a particular campaign.

The tools contact centres use to attract and recruit agents has a direct impact on whether they are able to retain them. But, how can recruiters ensure candidates who are right-fit enter, and stay?

Companies on a quest to improve hiring success are investing more time and money in promoting their brand – openly sharing company culture, ethos and values. In some companies, it’s about adopting leading edge technology, in others it’s about a culture of caring, or being part of a family. Pitching the brand and values, as well as the role, is certainly helping contact centres get the right candidates into the recruitment pipeline.

A clever company will also use their current employee network as a vital source when it comes to building a talent pipeline. After all, they already know exactly what the company stands for as well as what it entails working as an agent. Employee recommendations and referrals will not only fast track the process, but they will also refer people who they believe can handle the high pressure position.


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It’s no wonder Business Process Outsourcing is a growing business trend. By employing a BPO service provider to take care of non-core business processes, an organisation is able to focus on their core competencies and goals.

iContact is a specialised BPO operation based in South Africa that can offer highly tailored services to businesses anywhere in the world.

We are a large-scale, owner-run operation that can provide specialised agents with specific skill sets. We train and coach our agents to meet your stringent requirements. Our service offering is backed by our bespoke software system and the latest technology.

iContact provides customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, analytics, and a range of other BPO/S services.

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