The Mother-of-all-Metrics and other Top Metrics to Track in 2020

As AI spreads its worth across contact centres worldwide, new KPIs and analytic tactics will no doubt emerge. But today’s success still hinges on the same thing it always has: Customer Satisfaction. It’s really the Mother-of-all-Metrics, with the other KPIs designed to help improve and/or contribute to greater customer satisfaction in one shape or form. Together, these four metrics will shed light on the data necessary to improve the performance of a 2020 Contact Centre.

#1: Customer Satisfaction

Your CSAT or customer satisfaction scores reveal how well your agents are performing when it comes to ultimately solving customers’ problems. It doesn’t matter how you arrive at your CSAT score; what matters is that it’s always at the top of the list when looking at the effectiveness of your contact centre!

#2: Agent Satisfaction

Measuring agent satisfaction (not just agent turnover) is as important a metric as measuring customer satisfaction. There is no doubt that happy and satisfied employees will positively influence the way in which they engage with and treat the customers. It’s no surprise that top organizations who provide the best customer experience also lead the way when it comes to employee engagement. In the last couple of years, more and more business leaders are focusing in on agent satisfaction as an inverse tactic to improve customer satisfaction rates.

#3: First Call Resolution Rate

The best way to win customer loyalty is by resolving their problem as quickly as possible. First call resolution rate (FCR) tracks the percentage of inquiries that are completely resolved without having to transfer, escalate, or return the call. It should be measured across all channels of service, to determine which is most effective at resolving issues in a single interaction.

#4: Service Level

Service level is another classic KPI that doesn’t usually get a lot of attention but it’s a crucial metric, particularly for inbound contact centres. Traditionally it measured the time taken to pick up a phone call, but in 2020 should be measured across all channels. It’s directly linked to customer service quality and can simply tell how accessible you are to your customers.

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It’s no wonder Business Process Outsourcing is a growing business trend. By employing a BPO service provider to take care of non-core business processes, an organisation is able to focus on their core competencies and goals.

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