Analytic Services and Modelling

Communicating with your customer is key – but are you engaging with the right customer, at the right time on the right platform?

At iContact we know that the true success of any campaign relies on the intelligent use and application of data.

Our innovative Analytics Services has the power to summarise and synthesise large amounts of data from customer interactions and extract key information and valuable insights. An immediate visibility into customer behaviour, their choices and preferences not only enhances personalization but radically improves customer satisfaction.

In the continuous quest to drive positive call outcomes, these essential tools enable agents to better understand and connect with customers, while improving overall productivity and performance. It’s easy to reach your business goals when iContact’s intelligence creates informed strategic campaigns for you based on an understanding of your customer.


Our large scale South African Call centre offers highly-tailored services.
With world-class infrastructure and a talented pool of superior agents.
We offer expertise across multiple industries at a significantly reduced cost.